Sunday, November 23, 2014
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Young Lady's 170-Inch Alabama Bow-Kill
A 23-year-old dental assistant from Pickens County made her first bow-taken deer a most-memorable one as she took what is likely the biggest buck, so far, of the 2014-2015 season in Alabama.

Erica Gates, of Pickensville, was hunting on family land Saturday morning when she arrowed a 12-point buck that rough-scored 170 5/8 inches.

“No one in my family had ever seen this deer, and it had never appeared on any of our game camera cameras,” she said.

Erica said she had gotten up early and gone...

Alabama voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment Tuesday that specifies that every citizen has the fundamental right under...

The 2013-2014 Alabama duck season was one to remember. The state received the perfect combination of rain and cold needed to flood the state...

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Inshore Fish In The Rivers
It is November, and the speckled trout, redfish and flounder along Alabama’s coastline have begun their annual migration from the bays to the rivers. This migration, as well as the pleasant weather, makes it a tremendous time to fish the...

Little Spots, Big Bucks
Bob Walker, of Livingston, has guided hunters for deer and turkeys at Bent Creek Lodge in Choctaw County for 28 years. After deer hunting for more than 40 years across the country—primarily in Alabama—Bob knows how to find big bucks where...

Wilson’s Hidden Gem Appeal For Bass Anglers
Most fishermen have their favorite destinations pre-determined when planning a trip or a tournament along the Tennessee River.

Guntersville and Pickwick remain acclaimed fisheries, and Wheeler maintains a certain degree of popularity...

AON's Tracking Dogs & Deer Coolers Lists
Here's AON's 2013 Dial-a-Tracking Dog and Deer Coolers lists. Some folks have dropped off the lists this year, but there are some new faces, as well. If you have a deer down, these lists should provide everything you need to find it and get it to a cooler for storage or processing.

To add a dog or processor to either list, call AON at (800) 438-4663.
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