Friday, April 27, 2018
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April Bass : Lures, Pickwick, Smith Lake

Turkey Tips : Kill Field Gobblers

Slab Crappie : Planer Board, Eufaula Methods

Gobblin Reports : Across Alabama

Red Snapper Recreational Seasons Open June 1
The 2018 red snapper seasons for private recreational anglers and the charter fleet are finally set. Well, maybe. The recreational for-hire (federally permitted charter boats) sector season is definitely set. It will start on June 1 and run through July 21. The private recreational season (private-vessel anglers and anglers on state-licensed guide boats) is currently scheduled for 47 days, also starting on June 1. The private recreational season will be on weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) through and including Labor Day. The full...

The baiting of deer and feral swine came the closest yet to becoming legal in Alabama, but the 2018 legislative session ended without...

On Feb. 10 the Talladega and Clay County chapters of the Alabama Dog Hunters Association (ADHA) came together to clean up some of our public...

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Featured Article
Pickwick Bassin’ Is On Fire In April
Bass fishermen on just about any fishery experience the peaks of success and the valleys of frustration.

On Pickwick Lake in north Alabama, the successful days have far outnumbered the frustrating ones this year. At least, that has...

The Killing Fields
Turkeys have a way of utilizing their surroundings that makes getting one into gun range a pretty tough row to hoe.

In the timber, they seem to always manage to put a ditch between themselves and the hunter. Or maybe just a slight...

Harding Bass On Shallow Cover
Bass fishing is fantastic on all our lakes in April, but you should consider a trip to Lake Harding, also known as Bartletts Ferry. The bass on this small lake are up shallow in pockets and creeks, with some fish spawning and others ready to go on...

AON's Tracking Dogs & Deer Coolers Lists
Here's AON's 2017 Dial-a-Tracking Dog and Deer Coolers lists. Some folks have dropped off the lists this year, but there are some new faces, as well. If you have a deer down, these lists should provide everything you need to find it and get it to a cooler for storage or processing.

To add a dog or processor to either list, call AON at (800) 438-4663.
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