Sunday, September 24, 2017
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Bama Big : 200-Inch Giant

Redfish Quest

Bow Prep : The Right Practice

Guntersville : Bass Getting Right

Truck-Buck Back! More Than $50K In Prizes
I heard it said at the Shoot-Out in July that the Truck-Buck contests hosted by AON and GON magazines are likely the best deer contests in the nation. It’s subjective, but I agree.

For starters, I don’t know of another deer-hunting contest that offers a pick-up truck for a grand prize.

In addition to a new truck, a Mathews bow, CVA muzzleloader or a Savage rifle is given away each week. 

There’s a lot more.

Hunter Safety System will give vests to each of our...

AIt is well known among Alabama anglers that Lake Wedowee, also known as R.L. Harris Reservoir, is a top destination for bass and crappie,...

Truck-Buck Shoot-Out winner Jeffrey Honnell, 45, of Pittsview, was one of seven men arrested in Marathon, Fla. on July 9 after Florida Fish...

Truck-Buck Contest
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Guntersville Bass When It's Tough
The bass bite traditionally gets tough this time of year on Lake Guntersville.

High water temperatures, thick grass, fishing pressure and lack of current are just a few of the factors that contribute to the seasonal decline in bass...

Bowhunter Keeps It Real
As the summer days become shorter and shorter, many of us find ourselves dreaming of cool, fall mornings and deer season. Most of us have probably already got our bows out of the case and started shooting to help scratch that itch. Preseason bow...

A Quest For Redfish
It is really difficult not to appreciate the beauty, power and veracity of a redfish hooked and pulling line off of your  reel. At least that is what I had been told by numerous anglers. For me, it was so much more. I have had the opportunity to...

AON's Tracking Dogs & Deer Coolers Lists
Here's AON's 2016 Dial-a-Tracking Dog and Deer Coolers lists. Some folks have dropped off the lists this year, but there are some new faces, as well. If you have a deer down, these lists should provide everything you need to find it and get it to a cooler for storage or processing.

To add a dog or processor to either list, call AON at (800) 438-4663.
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