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Alabama Whitetail Records: Big Buck Recognition Awards
Spectacular 29-point, non-typical rack — Alabama’s best ever — highlights some of the best whitetail racks taken in the state.
By Brad Bailey
Posted Tuesday August 12 2008, 11:50 AM
This buck, killed in 1956 in Greene County by David K. Melton, scored 195 4/8 typical and 310 non-typical points. The buck ranks as Alabama’s No. 1 non-typical and No. 4 typical racked buck according to Alabama Whitetail Record scoring. Gene Melton, David’s son, displays the 29-point rack.
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“We have deer and deer hunting in Alabama to be proud of,” said Larry Manning who emceed the Big Buck Recognition Awards at the World Deer and Turkey Expo in Birmingham in July. “If you will just let them grow, we can produce bucks like these.”

A total of 89 racks were scored by Alabama Whitetail Records scorers, and they competed in six categories: best-scoring typical and non-typical, best bow-buck, best 8-pointer, best by a lady and best by a youth hunter.

When the scoring was completed, the best-scoring typical and non-typical was the same buck: a massive rack with a tangle of points that was killed in Greene County in 1956 by David K. Melton. David’s son, Gene, brought the mount to the show to be scored to honor his father’s memory.

“The buck was a big, old swamp buck killed in Greene County in the Tombigbee swamps near Boligee,” said Gene. “My father shot it with a bolt-action 16-gauge J.C. Higgins shotgun. He had to shoot it twice.”

By Alabama Whitetail Records’ scoring method, the rack scored 310 non-typical points as well as 195 4/8 typical points. The rack ranks as the No. 1 Alabama non-typical and the state’s No. 4 typical-racked buck.

According to Gene, the rack was once scored under the Boone & Crockett method by a panel of scorers and scored 287 6/8.

Qualifying scores from the show will be compiled and included in the next edition of “Alabama Whitetail Records, The Alabama Record Book for Whitetail Deer.”
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