Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Still Time to Enter And Win In The 2017 Coyote Cull
Save fawns and poults, and enter for chances at great prizes
By AON Staff
Posted Tuesday June 27 2017, 3:46 PM
To enter the 4th annual Coyote Cull, simply kill a coyote and get a picture with the 2017 June or July issues of AON. Here is Blake Farley, of Blountsville, with a coyote he killed on Bankhead National Forest property in Lawrence County.
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It’s not too late to enter AON’s 4th Annual Coyote Cull. There’s still time to do your part to help fawns and turkey poults survive, plus have a chance at one of three great prizes with a total value of more than $1,090, including a $500 cash prize.

The deadline is July 11, and entering the Coyote Cull is simple. We just need a picture of you holding the June or July issue of AON magazine, along with a dead coyote in the picture that you have hunted or trapped.

AON uses the Coyote Cull as an incentive to get sportsmen out on their property during a time of year when they might not otherwise get after yotes. We do the Coyote Cull in June and July because this is when fawns and turkey poults are being born and when they are extremely vulnerable to coyotes.

It’s now been 10 years since AON first began publishing a series of articles that sounded the alarm about the impacts coyotes were having on deer. Dozens of articles and a decade later, the evidence is overwhelming. Coyotes have lowered fawn survival rates enough that Alabama deer hunting is now restricted in some parts of the state through buck-only days.

Something is also impacting turkey numbers and poult survival, even on large tracts with very good timber and habitat management. While there seems to be a lack of research on what’s happening to our turkey poults, poult survival rates started plummeting just as coyotes were increasing in numbers and spreading across Alabama.        

We think predator control—particularly on coyotes, which are a non-native, invasive species in Alabama—is very important. To offer incentive to gets folks after coyotes right now when fawns are being born and turkey poults are hatching, AON created this effort four years ago. There’s no entry fee and no check stations. The Coyote Cull is designed to be very simple to enter (see entry details in the sidebar to the right). There will be a random drawing from among all entries for these three great prizes:  

Trinity Custom Homes $500 Cash Prize: Offering more than 70 customizable home designs, Trinity has helped countless Southerners complete their dream of building on their own land. For more info, call (888) 818-0278 or visit

The Mammoth Ranger 65 Cooler: Win a 65-quart, Roto-molded construction cooler with heavy duty hinge system and secure lid latches. The Ranger 65 from Mammoth is guaranteed for life, and it has a retail value of $300. For more info, visit

Predator Tactics Nightmare Predator & Hog Gun Light Kit: The Nightmare Kit from Predator Tactics is a must-have for any serious predator or hog hunter who hunts at night. The retail value is $289.95. See all the features of this great light at

How to Enter

The Coyote Cull is designed to be uncomplicated. It’s not a contest to kill the most coyotes or the biggest. There are no check stations. The prizes are a great incentive to get folks to the woods right now doing what we should all be doing anyway—taking out some coyotes during the time of year fawns and turkey poults are being born.

To enter, go kill a coyote. Then e-mail a picture to showing the dead coyote and the hunter holding the June or July issue of AON. The hunter must include their name, hometown and the county where the coyote was taken. There is no entry fee, and you don’t even have to buy the current issue—you can borrow one from a friend. The only reason we require that the hunter hold the 2017 June or July issues of AON is so we know the coyote was killed during this two-month period of the Coyote Cull.

One picture-entry per coyote—your buddy can’t take a picture with your coyote and enter. We will accept entries through July 11. The only rule is a limit of one entry per month, per household. If you entered last month holding the June AON, you (or someone from your household) can enter again this month holding the July issue. That’s a maximum of two entries per household.

Your entry photo and details can also be mailed to AON Coyote Cull, 4331 Seven Islands Road, Madison, GA 30650, but we must receive them by July 11, so email works quickly. Call (800) 438-4663 with questions.
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