Saturday, March 25, 2017
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Kill Gobblers : On Public Land

Big Bucks : Of Jefferson Co.

Crappie : In The Chocolate Milk

Speckled Trout : With A Side Of Sheepshead

Hunting Articles
There was a brief moment in my life when I thought I had turkey hunting all figured out. With a few seasons under my belt, I was learning the ropes and getting pretty good at filling my two tags in my home state of Kentucky each spring. Most of those birds were taken on low-pressured private lands I had gotten permission to hunt, but I had managed to scratch out a few on the more heavily pressured WMAs. I even went as far as taking a trip to Kansas with a couple of friends to tag my first Rio Grande turkey with a bow. This turkey hunting stuff was a piece of cake… or so I thought.

A career change brought me to the Southeast where finances dictated that my hunting would...

Other Hunting Articles
The trunk of the big white oak I was sitting against was just wider than my shoulders. I was on a section of our property that consisted of a long creek bottom full of oaks, beech trees and pines with big hardwood ridges up above. It...

“Son, your dog has started to lie,” my dad told me. That accusation was as damaging to a squirrel dog’s reputation as a priest who posted everything he’d heard in a confessional in the local newspaper.
For many years, Alabama hunters have traveled from all over the state to hunt the wild hogs of the Mobile Delta. Legend has it these hogs were direct descendants of pigs that traveled by ship from Europe, brought over by the explorer Hernando DeSoto....

I was hunting a narrow strip of woods 60 yards wide and 400 yards long that separated two large hardwood bottoms between a cleared field and a river. Because that small strip of woods ran north and south, the only way to approach the land without...

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