Monday, May 29, 2017
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Hunting Articles
Huntsville’s Bill Gates doesn’t deny that he once shared the same thought process that was once so common among so many Alabama hunters. In his younger days, you couldn’t legally shoot does in Alabama. So on the rare occasion that he might see a buck of any size, he automatically shot it.

“I had gotten permission to hunt this 480-acre piece of property in Madison County 19 years ago,” he explained. “That was back in the day when you couldn’t shoot does, but you could legally kill a buck a day.

“You could sit at the base of the mountain, and if the wind was right that last hour before dark, it was nothing to see 40...

Other Hunting Articles
A long time ago, while working a bird on the side of a steep hardwood hill, I fell into a rut that took me an entire season to climb out of. This old bird was partial to hard, aggressive hen talk, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. I guess...

Eddie Salter began hunting at the age of 8 near his home in Evergreen, Alabama. Turkeys were an early passion, and after learning turkey-hunting techniques from his father and grandfather, Eddie called in and killed his first gobbler at the age of...

There was a brief moment in my life when I thought I had turkey hunting all figured out. With a few seasons under my belt, I was learning the ropes and getting pretty good at filling my two tags in my home state of Kentucky each spring. Most of those...

The trunk of the big white oak I was sitting against was just wider than my shoulders. I was on a section of our property that consisted of a long creek bottom full of oaks, beech trees and pines with big hardwood ridges up above. It...

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