Saturday, March 17, 2018
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Turkey Special

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Hunting Articles
While some of Alabama’s 45,000 turkey hunters witnessed indications of a wild turkey comeback last year, most approach the start of the 2018 season still convinced something is badly wrong.

The fourth year of an Auburn University study is beginning to show signs of a notable reduction in turkey reproduction rates. Brood surveys by WFF biologists are also showing a production decline. It is a pattern being seen all across southeastern states.

However, WFF officials say the perception by some that turkeys have simply disappeared just isn’t accurate. They say that the number of 3- and 4-year-old birds seen and killed by Alabama hunters last season...

Other Hunting Articles
One day on a creek bottom, a long, long time ago, I was working a stubborn old bird on a stretch of public land. He had gobbled plenty and had me believing he was going to show up soon. I was green and was completely at the mercy of this bird, but I...

Nearly a mile deep into the dense woods, we paused to listen. Moments later, frenzied barking from several excited dogs erupted and echoed through the previously silent, dark forest. With help from GPS systems on the dog collars, the owners quickly...

The squirrel materialized as nothing more than a slight bump high on one of the main limbs of a massive red oak tree. “I see him!” yelled 12-year-old Will King to everyone in the hunting party. “Well,...

Just 15 hours after the Auburn Tigers finished their season at the Peach Bowl in Atlanta, Georgia’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Auburn freshman linebacker K.J. Britt was 125 miles away in an entirely different zone. K.J. was buried up in a Barbour...

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