Wednesday, July 26, 2017
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Catfish Special : Top Bama Picks

July Bass On : Lake Guntersville

Small-Lake : Fishing Gems

100-Pound : Neely Henry Blue Catfish

Featured Fishing Article
Make Guntersville Great Again
The theme of “Make America Great Again” dominated political headlines over the last year. Closer to home, Alabama anglers want a similar resurgence for a revered fishery.

“Make Guntersville Great Again” could well be the slogan of fishermen who want to see the lake return to its exceptional past.

Once the premier bass fishing destination not only in Alabama but also in the Southeast,...

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Living in Missouri, Mike Vallentine needs some really good reasons to travel 700 miles to visit Alabama each year.

On the Alabama River...

One of the easiest fish to catch in June is also one of the hardest-fighting fish on the Gulf Coast and perhaps one of the least understood...

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