Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Guntersville : Bass 10 May Hotspots

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Slaying Postspawn Slab Crappie
Gone are the days when crappie fishermen stowed their gear after the fish left shallow water in the spring.

More and more anglers each year learn techniques that extend the crappie catching window into the postspawn and even beyond. Yet at least a few fair-weather fishermen who only target crappie for a short period in the spring remain, and they are missing out.

Some of the best and perhaps most consistent action of...

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Simply put, the sunfish is the Rodney Dangerfield of Alabama’s gamefish. While bass fishermen are specific about their catches using identifiers...

Jack Tibbs never tires of promoting Lake Eufaula.

The mayor of the city of Eufaula, a lure company owner and a tournament angler, Jack...

Bass fishing is fantastic on all our lakes in April, but you should consider a trip to Lake Harding, also known as Bartletts Ferry. The bass on this...

In the Midwest, there are those danged jumping silver carp. In south Florida, there are those terrifying 12-foot-long pythons slithering around. Go...

Much is made of the fact that Alabama has more freshwater flowing through it than any other state in the continental United States. The state’s...

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