Sunday, March 18, 2018
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10 Seminole : Holes

Deer Hunting : Improves, Hunters Rate Season

Bama Young Guns : On Pro Bass Circut

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Seminole Red Hot For Quality Largemouth
Bass in most of our lakes are moving toward spawning areas by the first of March, but Lake Seminole is as far south as you can get in Alabama. Some Seminole bass have already spawned, some are spawning now, and some are just off bedding areas ready to move in and fan beds. You can catch March bass at Seminole on sandy flats, in pockets and on sandbars on the main lake.

Seminole is a big, shallow lake in the corner of Georgia,...

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Torrential rains had left Lake Logan Martin looking like an explosion at a chocolate milk factory. Floating logs, sticks, plastic bottles and grass...

The annual white bass run ranks as one of the great fishing traditions of the year, the signal for many fishermen that another season is at hand.
About 25 years ago, West Point Lake was a prime largemouth bass impoundment that produced many double-digit fish, including at least one exceeding 14...

Although winter may still have a firm grip on fishermen, bass are responding to the longer days. Now is when bass start to feed up for the coming...

Lake Jordan is known for its big spotted bass, and February is a great time to catch them on a fairly simple pattern. Find rocks near deep water, and...

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