Wednesday, January 18, 2017
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Play The Wind, : Kill Big Bucks

Winter Crappie : On Weiss Lake

Catch Trout : At Madison Co. State Lake

Bankhead Forest : State-Record Muzzleloader Buck

Featured Fishing Article
Alabama Trout Fishing Offered In Madison County
Trout are a novelty catch for most Alabama anglers.

Almost all who consider themselves serious trout fishermen travel out of state to satisfy their trout fishing urges. Few opportunities exist within state boundaries. Yet fishermen don’t have to hike in to Rocky Mountain high country to sample at least a small taste of trout fishing.

Madison County Public Fishing Lake is one such venue that affords Alabama...

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I saw the tip of my pole quiver slightly. I grabbed the rod, quickly set the hook and watched the pole pretzel. The 6-lb. test Gamma Hi-Vis line...

Late fall and early winter—throughout the month of December specifically—normally represent prime time for bass on Neely Henry and other...

Alabama’s Gulf Coast will have plenty of warm days until New Year’s—often 50- to 60-degrees warm. And for those who like to fish the...

Very few things suggest Lake Guntersville better than bass in the grass in the fall.

A year-long process of grass expansion culminates...

November is a great month for bass fishing. The rapidly cooling water makes bass feed shallow to get ready for the winter, and you can catch bass just...

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