Sunday, December 11, 2016
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Holiday Bucks : Christmas Is A Prime Time

Bass On : Neely Henry

G'ville Crappie : Techniques For Winter Slabs

Hunt Reports : Buck Activity, Top Foods

Featured Fishing Article
Neely Henry Bass To Turn On After Rains
Late fall and early winter—throughout the month of December specifically—normally represent prime time for bass on Neely Henry and other Coosa River reservoirs.

At least temporarily, put an asterisk on the calendar this year because 2016 has been far from average.

While the bass population on Neely Henry hasn’t necessarily decreased, weather factors have contributed greatly to a tough bite on the...

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Alabama’s Gulf Coast will have plenty of warm days until New Year’s—often 50- to 60-degrees warm. And for those who like to fish the...

Very few things suggest Lake Guntersville better than bass in the grass in the fall.

A year-long process of grass expansion culminates...

November is a great month for bass fishing. The rapidly cooling water makes bass feed shallow to get ready for the winter, and you can catch bass just...

Jaci Skipper cast her Lew’s baitcaster reel loaded with an Ultra Vibe Speed Worm into a stiff 10-15 mph wind at Lake Eufaula. The worm zipped...

The crappie never seem to stop biting on the Alabama River.

A short outing on Millers Ferry with Thomasville angler Travis Hudson...

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