Sunday, February 1, 2015
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Featured Fishing Article
A Red Snapper Reprieve
When will red snapper season open in Alabama? How many red snapper will anglers be able to catch and keep? Why has red snapper season continued to get shorter? Why has the number of red snapper that anglers can catch and release been greatly reduced?

To answer these and more questions about the future of red snapper fishing, we have to look back at the history of red snapper fishing along the Upper Gulf Coast as it relates to...

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Two of the most common questions I am asked are: “What should I fish for this weekend?” and “Where should I fish?” While these...

Many bass fishermen winterize their boats and put them up until spring. They settle in to await better weather and more active fish when it warms up....

The name Guntersville evokes various fishing images. Bass fishing receives national acclaim, crappie fishing rivals any in the state, and bream...

Most fishermen have their favorite destinations pre-determined when planning a trip or a tournament along the Tennessee River.

On a day that would have had most novice fishermen declaring it the greatest day of fishing in their lives, Brian Marquis wasn’t very happy.
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