Thursday, July 28, 2016
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Snake! : Alabama's Deadly 6

July Fishing : Catfish, Crappie & More

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10 Weiss Bass : Summertime Hotspots

Featured Fishing Article
Shallow Summer Pattern For Lay Lake Bass
Steve Mitchell, a veteran competitor on Lay Lake, defies the conventional wisdom that spotted bass are the ticket to tournament success on Coosa River impoundments.

Steve, who lives in Moody not far from the Coosa, instead focuses on shallow-water patterns that consistently yield good results for him. He relies on two main presentations for the bulk of his tournament catches, swimming a jig through the abundant Lay grassbeds and...

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Fishing opportunities generally abound across Alabama. Our major river systems like the Coosa and the Tennessee feature world-class fisheries and...

From offshore excursions, to brackish backwaters, and all the waters in between, the Alabama coastline is teeming with bowfishing opportunities.
During the first of May, the Crappie Masters’ Alabama Championship saw a father-and-son team, Billy and Scott Williams, claim the title by...

Some things just seem to go together as though they were one. Bacon and eggs, apple pie and ice cream, Alabama with football, and my wife and...

Once a guarded secret, the Alabama River now ranks as a go-to destination for serious crappie anglers.

Locals once kept the secret to...

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