Tuesday, September 27, 2016
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Wedowee : 10 Bass Hotspots

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Wedowee Spots On Top And Largemouth Up Shallow
September can be a frustrating month for bass anglers. Days are starting to get noticeably shorter, and there is a hint of fall in the air. Those cool mornings will get you excited about potential fast action in shallow water. However, the lakes refuse to take the change seriously. Water temperatures seem to stay way too warm for way too long.

You can get around any September frustrations by heading to Lake Wedowee, also known as...

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The alluring call of the small stream still beckons some Alabama anglers. Even in the stereotypical high-octane world of today’s fishing, the...

September is a great time for a little education along the Tennessee River and other fisheries across Alabama.

The pursuit of schooling...

Even a dog knows to get out of the sun when the temperature is over 90 degrees. Too, many Alabama bass anglers have discovered that bass fishing is...

The brutal summer sun that has scorched Alabama and its residents on this Friday is showing signs of drowsiness. It is slowly searching for a resting...

The crappie fishing community—guides, tournament competitors and fun fishermen—is dominated by trollers.

The various...

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