Monday, March 2, 2015
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March Pigs : 10 Guntersville GPS Hotspots

Spring Trips : Pickwick, Tombigbee, Saltwater

Turkey Special : Top Hunts, Statewide Data

Tackling : Marathon Birds

Featured Fishing Article
Saltwater Fun For Zebras & Brown Bombers
Warming trends and the right winds mean coastal anglers can jump on early bird bites for saltwater species. The Alabama coast offers so many great fishing opportunities, and two anglers can consider for March are sheepshead and cobia.

Several years ago, the black and white striped sheepshead was considered a trash fish. However, in the last few years anglers have learned how to clean these little-mouthed, big-bellied, wide,...

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Bill Huntley’s love affair with fishing and more specifically with the giant smallmouth bass of Pickwick Lake began the year the Tennessee...

February can be a surprisingly good month for bass fishing. But where should you go to catch numbers of bass with a good chance for a 10-pounder? Lake...

When will red snapper season open in Alabama? How many red snapper will anglers be able to catch and keep? Why has red snapper season continued to get...

Two of the most common questions I am asked are: “What should I fish for this weekend?” and “Where should I fish?” While these...

Many bass fishermen winterize their boats and put them up until spring. They settle in to await better weather and more active fish when it warms up....

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