Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Latest Bass Fishing Article
Lake Mitchell Winter Bass
Spotted bass running shad on points around grassbeds and largemouth lurking in the grass—sounds like a couple of fun patterns to fish in January, doesn’t it? If so, give Lake Mitchell a try. Spots are active in the cold water and largemouth, even though a little less active, are still feeding.

Lake Mitchell is a small Coosa River lake wedged between its more famous sisters, Jordan downstream and Lay upstream. Mitchell is mostly a river with dams at each end, but several big creeks offer variety. There are a lot of rocky points with grassbeds in the shallows, and those are the key places to catch both spots and largemouth now.

Cameron Mercer grew up in a house on Lake Jordan and fishes it and Mitchell a lot, but he says Mitchell is his favorite. He started fishing tournaments with his dad when he was 13 years old and fished the high school trail....

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If you like fishing shallow rocks, wood and grass, Weiss is the place to be in November. Big Coosa spots and quality largemouth are around seawalls, logs and brush, feeding up for winter, and they are...

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