Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Guntersville : Bass 10 May Hotspots

Latest Bass Fishing Article
Guntersville Bass On A Postspawn Feed Frenzy
Postspawn bass in a feeding frenzy, with shad spawning in the mornings on rip-rap and shallow grass, and then eating all day to recover from the stress of bedding.

You’d be hard pressed to find a better lake than Guntersville to take advantage of these types of fun and exciting fishing this month, with the chance to catch lots of big bass.

Lake Guntersville is world renowned for its big bass and great fishing. By Guntersville standards, the fishing had been down for a couple of years. Apparently, the lake was just going through a typical cycle like all lakes. The fishing for quality stringers was still better than on most lakes, and this year seems to be the beginning of a new up cycle, with more bass being caught in general and with many more in the 3- to 6-lb. range.

Guntersville is a Tennessee River lake full of grass and lily pads....

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