Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Latest Saltwater Fishing Article
Yak Fishing In Alabama’s Salt
Approximately 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is made up of water. About 96.5 percent of that water is contained in the world’s oceans. And there is about a 100 percent chance that my family will end up on the Gulf of Mexico at some point during the year. I’d be remised if I didn’t take advantage of staggering statistical odds to use that water as intended. To catch fish!

As a primarily freshwater angler, saltwater can be intimidating. The boats, baits, tackle and fish are all supersized. What I found out is that with a little guidance and direction from someone experienced in saltwater fishing, it is very doable. And man is it fun from a kayak!

My wife and I planned to visit the Orange Beach and Gulf Shores area for our 10th wedding anniversary in late September. I’ve wanted to drag the kayak along on every trip to the Gulf...

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The inshore fishing in the vast expanses of Mobile Bay can be excellent, especially if an angler knows what types of areas to target and when to go. “November is one of the two...

It is really difficult not to appreciate the beauty, power and veracity of a redfish hooked and pulling line off of your  reel. At least that is what I had been told by numerous anglers. For me,...

When catching fish, I never had been beaten as badly as I was the first August night I fished around the dock lights in Perdido Bay on Ono Island. On the first cast made by Capt. Gary...

There’s was confusion about when anglers can leave the Alabama shore and go fishing for red snapper this summer—and that was before a deal struck June 14 between the Feds and the five Gulf...

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