Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Latest Trout Fishing Article
Alabama Trout On The Sipsey Fork
In a state replete with fishing opportunities, a unique adventure awaits Alabama anglers in the Lewis Smith Lake Dam tailrace.

Billed as the only year-round trout fishery in the state, that area just below Smith Lake Dam features excellent fishing for stocked rainbows. Those experienced in catching these trout suggest that January is as good a month as any to sample the fishing.

“Depending on the weather, the fishing can be very good in January, but it can be good just about any other month, as well,” said Brandon Jackson, who owns the Riverside Fly Shop on Highway 69 between Jasper and Cullman and guides for trout along the 14-mile-long fishery.

I spent an early December morning touring the area with Randy Jackson, Brandon’s father. Randy, who helps run Riverside Fly Shop and also guides on occasion, served as an...

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Trout are a novelty catch for most Alabama anglers. Almost all who consider themselves serious trout fishermen travel out of state to satisfy their trout fishing urges. Few...

Alabama may not be known for its trout-fishing opportunities, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have them. In fact, you can catch rainbow trout in the Sipsey Fork tailwater year-round. And,...

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