Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Latest Bream Fishing Article
Big Bream Of The Tennessee River
Pound for pound, bluegill and shellcracker are as tough as they come. They may even be able to whip Alabama’s famous boxer Deontay Wilder, the WBC Heavyweight Champion. These bream fight so hard!

At this time of year, bluegill and shellcracker are relatively easy to find. The peak of shellcracker bedding occurred last month during the May full moon, but bluegill will continue to bed all summer long, and the full moon periods seem to be key.

When you release these fish in hot oil, you’ll immediately know the value of catching panfish to fry. Bluegill and shellcracker live in almost every body of water in Alabama, and because these fish bite readily, beginning anglers enjoy catching them.

But where will you locate the biggest June bream in Alabama? Where will you have the best opportunity to catch big bluegill and shellcracker?
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