Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Guntersville : Bass 10 May Hotspots

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Cold-Water Cats At Guntersville
Winter weather doesn’t necessarily mean cooler action for Tennessee River catfish.

In fact, guide Mike Mitchell finds hot action for cold-weather cats up and down the Tennessee Valley Authority chain of lakes. One of his favorite spots is Lake Guntersville, near Mike’s home in the Marshall County town of Grant.

Long known primarily as a bass lake, Guntersville is home to diverse populations of species targeted by anglers throughout the winter months. Mike ignores the quality cold-weather bass and crappie fishing and focuses on Guntersville giants. When the water temperature drops to 50 degrees and below, Mike targets trophy blue catfish holding tight to main-lake structure like underwater islands and humps.

The result on most trips is a blue in excess of 50 pounds, which he calls “quite common on Lake Guntersville.” His...

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It’s 11 p.m. on Lake Guntersville, and there is not even a sliver of a moon in the sky, yet it’s not dark. Mike Bearden’s custom bowfishing boat has seen to that. The 13 large LED...

One song on the water invokes the same emotion in us all, and that’s the song sung by a drag as line hums off the spool, the rod bows, and your muscles tighten. A fighting catfish is the essence...

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