Saturday, March 25, 2017
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Kill Gobblers : On Public Land

Big Bucks : Of Jefferson Co.

Crappie : In The Chocolate Milk

Speckled Trout : With A Side Of Sheepshead

Latest Youth Article
Squirrels For The Dogs
“Son, your dog has started to lie,” my dad told me.

That accusation was as damaging to a squirrel dog’s reputation as a priest who posted everything he’d heard in a confessional in the local newspaper.

My squirrel dog, Butch, never had lied before or been accused of lying, but I certainly understood why my dad had drawn this conclusion. We’d been sitting under an oak tree for about 45 minutes, eating our lunches that we had prepared before daylight. We’d had a good hunt that morning, and all three of us—my dad, Butch and myself—needed to take a break.

Butch was on the ground beside me, dozing off from time to time. Once we finished our lunch, Butch walked about 10 yards from where we’d been sitting, put his feet up on a small sapling and started barking like he always did when he treed a...

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My daughter is 25 years old. We still laugh about her first hunting trip about 18 years ago. We went squirrel hunting, and she shot a squirrel. She proudly carried that squirrel around all afternoon...

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Seventeen-year old Chase Roberts, of Ashville, fell in love with archery in the 5th grade. Very quickly, Chase realized that archery was a way he could compete with his two older brothers, Zac and...

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