Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Guntersville : Bass 10 May Hotspots

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Alabama Outdoor News - May 2018
On the Cover

Guntersville has been fishing great this year for big bass, like this 6-pounder caught by Capt. Mike Gerry.

Photo by
Ronnie Garrison

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Eufaula Bass With The Mayor
The mayor of Eufaula says his hometown reservoir is explosive in May as largemouth feed on shad and bream.
Guntersville Bass On A Postspawn Feed Frenzy
Capt. Mike Gerry marks a map with 10 areas to find late April and May bass on the shad spawn or feeding up after bedding.
Deer Scout Now For Payoff In The Hunting Season
Slaying Postspawn Slab Crappie
Several techniques work in May as slabs leave the shallows.
Turkey-Hunting Reports And Gobbler Gallery
86 And Chasing Gobblers
Jim Daniel didn’t start turkey hunting until he was 82 years old. A gobbler he killed this season shows he’s still learning new tricks.
NASP State Championship Results
Alma Bryant wins 8th straight NASP title. Cullman wins middle school division, East Elementary wins elementary title in archery state championships.
Jump On A Mayfly Fishing Frenzy
Best Bets For Trophy Catfish and Fish-Fry Filler
Alabama Bream Special
A guide to identifying that brand of bream you've been catching.
Wild in the Kitchen: Stuffed Striped Bass
Letters Alabama Spy Cam
Second A Realtree Scrapbook
Briefly Scrapbook
Bass Tournaments Hall of Shame
Classified Ads Archery Calendar
Astro-Tables Editorial
Cannon's Creel Daryl Gay's Book Closer
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