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Alabama’s Heaviest King Mackerel Caught by 8-year-old from Michigan
By Nick Carter
Posted Tuesday April 24 2012, 2:42 PM
This 68-lb., 3-oz. king mackerel caught by Andrew Quinn, 8, of Michigan, will be listed as a tie for the state record. On the charter boat Fish Trap (from left) were Andrew, deckhand Kelly Collins, Owner Capt. Al Keahl and Capt. Billy Neff, who captained the boat. Not pictured is Andrew’s dad, Dave Quinn.
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After catching Alabama’s heaviest king mackerel on record, a Michigan 8-year-old will have his name listed in a tie for the state record.

Andrew Quinn, 8, of Scottville, Mich., caught a 68-lb., 3-oz. king mackerel March 28 while fishing with his dad on the charter boat Fish Trap out of Zeke’s Marina in Orange Beach. The big female, estimated to be 14 years old, had a fork length of 59 1/4 inches and a girth of 27 3/4 inches.

It outweighed the previous 2009 record of 67-lbs., 15-ozs. by just 4 ounces, which is not enough for the fish to be recognized as the stand-alone state record, said Karon Aplin, a biologist with Alabama Marine Resources.

Karon explained that for fish heavier than 25 pounds, the new record must be at least 1/2 of a percent heavier than the previous record to stand alone. This Alabama rule mirrors International Game Fish Association (IGFA) rules, and means Andrew was about 1.4 ounces shy of holding the record by himself.

“I don’t think he realized what he caught,” said Capt. Al Keahl, co-owner of Fish Trap Charters. “That little kid never let go of that rod. He fought it the whole way in. You had to point him and stuff like that, but he was on for half an hour. The kid was whooped.”

Al said they were bottom fishing at the Trysler Grounds about 20 miles out. Whenever his boat is bottom fishing, Al puts out freelines with live baits around the boat to hopefully hook-up with some of the big fish that circle the boat high in the water column. One of those lines is what the big smoker hit. It was baited with a live pinfish wiggling just under the surface. Andrew landed the fish on spinning gear with 40-lb. test line.

“When you’re fishing that way, there’s all kinds of other big fish that come into play that you normally would never get while you’re snapper fishing,” Al said.

Alabama still has a way to go to approach the world record for king mackerel. The current IGFA world record of 93 pounds was caught off Puerto Rico in 1999.
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