Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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Truck-Buck Back! More Than $50K In Prizes
It's been labeled the best deer contest in the Nation!
By Brad Gill
Posted Tuesday August 29 2017, 11:39 AM
Our Truck-Buck XI Shoot-Out winner will win a 4X4 Chevy Silverado pickup truck. The opportunity to win all starts with a current AON subscription.
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I heard it said at the Shoot-Out in July that the Truck-Buck contests hosted by AON and GON magazines are likely the best deer contests in the nation. It’s subjective, but I agree.

For starters, I don’t know of another deer-hunting contest that offers a pick-up truck for a grand prize.

In addition to a new truck, a Mathews bow, CVA muzzleloader or a Savage rifle is given away each week. 

There’s a lot more.

Hunter Safety System will give vests to each of our weekly and wildcard winners. Plus, our three wildcard winners each will take home a great knife or multi-tool product from Havalon Knives.

Finally, if the winner of the Truck-Buck Shoot-Out next summer was wearing their HSS vest in their Truck-Buck entry photo, they’ll win a cool $1,000 cash money.

When you add it all up, the prize package is valued at more than $50,000.

To be a part of AON’s Truck-Buck contest, you must be an AON subscriber or a spouse or dependent of an AON subscriber one day before killing the buck you plan to enter. We have to tell hunters each deer season that they can’t enter the contest simply because they don’t have current subscriptions.

Once you kill your Truck-Buck, enter it at www.aonmag.com or through the mail. Most folks enter online to ensure it arrives at AON headquarters as soon as they hit submit. If you still use snail mail, entry forms will be published in upcoming issues of AON.

Then, sometime in the spring of 2018 (TBA), AON will host an official antler-scoring day to measure the racks and determine weekly winners and Shoot-Out qualifiers.

Call (800) 438-4663 or visit www.aonmag.com to sign up for AON. We’ll send you 12 issues of AON?a year, and you just might win a new truck, bow, muzzleloader, deer rifle, HSS vest or pocket $1,000 in cash. What a deal!

Truck-Buck XI will begin at daylight on Saturday, Oct. 14 as bowhunters look for antlers to enter in Week 1. The AON subscriber who has the best-scoring deer from that week will be guaranteed a new Mathews bow and an HSS vest and have the chance to win a truck and $1,000 in cash.

Top Reasons Entries Are Not Allowed

1. Out of college and still live at home, and parent gets AON. You must be a dependent, meaning mom or dad claims you for an IRS deduction, to enter on dad’s subscription. If you’re 23, get a subscription in your name if you’d like to enter.

2. Didn’t get pictures.
If you want to enter a buck, you have to take some pictures before the buck is caped out.

3. Missed the deadline.
We have to receive your entry by seven business days from when the buck was killed. Online entry through www.aonmag.com is easy and quick.

4. What subscription? Don’t let your AON membership run out. If you’re not a subscriber one day prior to killing the buck, you can’t enter.

5. It’s my grandkid!
The rule applies to grandpas and uncles. Get a subscription that goes to the kid’s house.

5 Steps To Winning A Truck!

1. Be an AON subscriber or a spouse or dependent of an AON?subscriber before you kill a buck.

2. Then, shoot an Alabama buck this season.

3. Enter the buck online at www.aonmag.com or by using the application published in the upcoming issues of AON.

4. Get the rack scored at AON’s post-season scoring event.

5. If you win a week or a wildcard spot, you’ve earned a spot to compete in next summer’s Truck-Buck Shoot-Out. If you’re the best shot, you will win the truck!
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