Sunday, September 23, 2018
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Giant Alabama Deer Falls In Truck-Buck
Greg Owens took a buck in Autauga County that grosses 189 inches.
By Hannah Housworth
Posted Thursday November 30 2017, 4:23 PM
Greg Owens, of Clanton, killed this massive Autauga County buck on Thanksgiving morning.
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Greg Owens, of Clanton, had a lot to be thankful for when he took down a massive Autauga County buck Thanksgiving morning. The buck has 22 points and grossed 189 inches when scored by Buckmasters Master Scorer Steve Lucas.
Greg woke up early on the morning of Nov. 23 and got into his climbing stand looking over a cutover. Other than seeing a couple does at dawn, his morning started very quiet.

At around 8, he heard a loud crash to his right. When he looked at where the noise came from, he saw a buck running down the hill about 200 yards away from him. He aimed his 300 short mag on the buck and waited for an opportunity to shoot.

“I was aiming at him, and I thought he was going to stop any second, but he never did stop. He came on across that road and started up the ridge that I was sitting on. I thought, ‘Well I better shoot at him if I’m gonna shoot at him, or he’ll be gone,’” said Greg.

He took a shot, and the deer slowed down, but it didn’t stop. It began making its way toward the ridge where Greg wouldn’t be able to see it anymore, so he shot again. After the second shot, the buck disappeared over the ridge.

He got a call from his son, Zach, who was hunting nearby and heard the shots. After confirming that he was the one who made the shots, Greg began telling Zach about his deer.

“It was a big one. It looked like a 10-point. It had some kind of drop tine I could see through the scope as it turned away from me,” said Greg.

Once he got off the phone with Zach, Greg got out of his stand and began circling the ridge to look for the deer. When he got to the spot where the deer was standing when he made his first shot, he found a lot of blood. That’s when he first knew he hit the deer.

He walked to where he made his second shot and looked in the direction that he saw the buck walking. Almost immediately, he saw it laying on the ground a few feet away.

“I liked to have passed flat out when I looked down there and saw those points on his head,” said Greg.

In his excitement, he called his wife, Lisa, and told her about his monster buck. She wanted to see the buck, so he FaceTimed her, but he was so shook up, that he couldn’t hold the camera still.

“That was by far the biggest deer I have ever killed,” said Greg. “I sat down and thanked God and thanked Him and thanked Him and thanked Him for about 15 minutes before I even thought about getting the deer out of the woods.”

Greg’s giant buck is entered in Week 6 of AON’s Truck-Buck contest. Greg is required by rules to bring his rack to AON's official scoring event this spring, where it'll be scored under the Boone & Crockett scoring system.
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