Sunday, September 23, 2018
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Deer Stolen From Bass Pro Shops Parking Lot In Leeds
Leeds police are looking for information to help recover this 170-inch Cullman County deer.
By Mike Bolton
Posted Monday December 18 2017, 11:46 AM
Jason Tomlin pictured with his 12-point buck that was stolen out of the back of his truck at the Bass Pro Shops in Leeds.
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For Greenville, Georgia’s Jason Tomlin, the opportunity to come to Alabama and hunt trophy whitetails was a dream come true. The trip did not disappoint. The 12-point buck he took in Cullman County was by far the biggest buck he had ever taken. He couldn’t wait to get back to Georgia to show it off.

The buck never made it out of Alabama.

Jason stopped at the Bass Pro Shops in Leeds on Wednesday, Dec. 13 to purchase some bullets, and when he returned to the parking lot, the buck was no longer in the back of his truck. It was about 1 o’clock in the afternoon.

“I just ran in Bass Pro to get some bullets and to go to the bathroom,” he explained. “I was tied up on the phone for a few minutes, but I probably wasn’t in there for 20 minutes.

“When I got back to my truck, I looked in the back, and I couldn’t believe it. I figured some people might come by to admire it, but I never dreamed that someone would steal it in the broad open daylight. All I could think was ‘No way.’

“I had a cooler back there, a deer stand and my boots, but all they took was the deer.”

Leeds police investigated the incident. An officer reviewed surveillance tapes of the parking lot, but the culprit was not caught on camera.

“The officer was very supportive,” Jason said. “He said he would be checking on some people he knew who might do something like that. I haven’t heard back."

Jason hopes someone will come forward with information about the buck. He said the buck is very distinctive and can be easily identified by a crab craw that is broken off on the right side and a split G-3 on the right side. Jason said the deer was expected to score approximately 170 inches.

Anyone with information about the theft of the deer is urged to call the Leeds Police Department at (205) 699-2581.
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