Sunday, September 23, 2018
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Monster 18-Point Buck From Lawrence County
Three-year quest for this 180-inch buck finally ends in success for Alabama deer hunter.
By Mike Bolton
Posted Tuesday January 2 2018, 1:30 PM
Will Little, of Mount Oak, finally took down the monster buck he had been hunting for the past two seasons.
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Will Little watched in dismay last hunting season as his home county of Lawrence County turned out monster buck after monster buck. The 21-year-old Mount Oak resident knew he had such a buck on his family’s property, and he had the trail-camera photos to prove it.

Will had spent two seasons hunting the huge buck, but he couldn’t figure the deer out. The buck traveled a lot, and at least six other people on surrounding properties had him on camera, too. A lot of people were hunting him, and Will knew it was only a matter of time before someone got lucky.

Fast forward to this season. Will hoped the third year of hunting the monster buck would turn out to be the charm, but his anguish only grew worse. On the opening day of the bow season, he got his first live look at the buck, but it was 80 yards away and he couldn’t get a shot. Then near the end of December, he saw the buck 200 yards away, and Will had a rifle in his hands this time.

“I shot and saw him run off,” Will said. “I looked everywhere for him and couldn’t find anything. Then a few days later, my dad came in with a trail-camera photo. It was the buck in a picture from the other end of the property. I had missed him.”

More determined now than ever, the construction worker began trying to figure out some way to get another chance at the buck before someone else could.

“The trail-camera photo was from the other end of our 120 acres in an area where I don’t usually hunt,” he said. “I knew where I had usually been hunting there were a lot of people around the mountain who were hunting him, too.

“We had a tripod stand set up on the other end of the property where the last picture of him had come from, but, it was in such thick stuff that I had never been in it. I thought that maybe he was getting so much pressure from people in the area where I had shot and missed, that maybe he had moved.

“I checked the wind, and I could see if I hunted in that stand the wind would be right in my face. I decided to give it a try.”

Will says he put out some Tink’s 69 Doe-In-Rut urine and carried a doe bleat call on his first trip to the stand. He said he hit the bleat call one time, and suddenly the buck that had haunted him appeared just 40 yards away. This time, he didn’t miss.

“He rough-scored 183 inches and had 18 points,” Will said. “It had a 22 1/2-inch inside spread, and his longest tine was 11 inches long. It was by far the biggest buck I have ever killed.”
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