Sunday, September 23, 2018
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TV Host, Taxidermist Archie Phillips Dies
By AON Staff
Posted Tuesday June 26 2018, 4:02 PM
Alabama Outdoors Legend Archie Phillips passed away at age 82.
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Archie Phillips, an Alabama outdoors icon known by millions thanks to the longest-running outdoors TV show in history and his taxidermy business, has died suddenly at age 82.

His “Outdoors With Archie Phillips” television show went on the air in the late 1950s and has aired continuously until the present. It is still shown on several cable networks.

Many who have never even hunted or fished know him for his taxidermy business located just off I-59 in Fairfield. Millions of interstate motorists have seen his billboard-size likeness on that building through the decades.

Phillips mounted his first animal—a pigeon—when he was a youngster in an effort to get a Boy Scout taxidermy merit badge. He fell in love with the taxidermy business at that point. He was a taxidermist throughout high school, and he continued his taxidermy business while working his way through Auburn’s business school.

He once estimated his business had mounted a half-million deer, fish and other animals through more than seven decades. He was one of the first in the South to mount saltwater fish, and he mounted big game mounts for hunters all across the world.

Phillips went bass fishing six days before his death. Shortly thereafter, he fell and broke his collarbone and suffered a fatal heart attack while in the hospital.
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