Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Latest Turkey Hunting Article
The Killing Fields
Turkeys have a way of utilizing their surroundings that makes getting one into gun range a pretty tough row to hoe.

In the timber, they seem to always manage to put a ditch between themselves and the hunter. Or maybe just a slight rise exists there that the hunter doesn’t know about until the gobbler steps onto it, locks it down and struts and gobbles for what seems like an eternity as he surveys his surroundings.

In the fields, it can be an even tougher engagement as turkeys roam in and out of them and can easily spend hours out of reach as the hunter begs from a distant tree line. Personally, I think field birds just might be the toughest to kill.

The first field bird I ever killed was a very long time ago, and I killed him more from being able to move close enough to the edge he was near than I did from calling him in. I used some...

More Turkey Hunting Articles
While some of Alabama’s 45,000 turkey hunters witnessed indications of a wild turkey comeback last year, most approach the start of the 2018 season still convinced something is badly wrong.
One day on a creek bottom, a long, long time ago, I was working a stubborn old bird on a stretch of public land. He had gobbled plenty and had me believing he was going to show up soon. I was green...

A long time ago, while working a bird on the side of a steep hardwood hill, I fell into a rut that took me an entire season to climb out of. This old bird was partial to hard, aggressive hen talk, and...

The spring ritual has already started across Alabama. Bearded gobblers announce their amorous intentions on a daily basis, and hunters ghost through woods and swamps in impassioned pursuit.
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