Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Slab Crappie : Planer Board, Eufaula Methods

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A Return To Frog Gigging
The rapid growth of the white-tailed deer population during the late 1960s unquestionably triggered a shift in the focus of Alabama outdoorsmen. The overwhelming popularity of deer hunting greatly diminished the role of several long-standing Southern traditions.

Squirrel hunting—the most popular type of hunting in Alabama until 1972 when deer hunting first became No. 1¬—eventually became an afterthought for many. Quail hunting and rabbit hunting, both proud Alabama traditions, no longer are the main talk around hunting camps.

Another Southern tradition—frog gigging—may have suffered the worst. It was eventually relegated to the, “I’ve heard of people doing that” status. Once a way that rural Alabamians put a unique and tasty meal on their tables, frog gigging slowly faded away as those who loved the sport were...

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The first weekend of the 2016 Alabama alligator season produced nothing close to the world record 15-foot, 9-inch, 1,011-lb. gator caught by Mandy Stokes and her crew on the Alabama River in 2014, but...

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