Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Latest Small Game Hunting Article
More Coons Than Ever
Nearly a mile deep into the dense woods, we paused to listen. Moments later, frenzied barking from several excited dogs erupted and echoed through the previously silent, dark forest. With help from GPS systems on the dog collars, the owners quickly determined the pack’s exact location.

“They got one treed about a quarter-mile away. Let’s go,” commanded Sam Hatton, one of the dog owners.

Armed only with headlights, I raced with Sam, my son Daniel and Franky and Wesley Coan through the northern Alabama wilderness punctuated by small creeks and numerous water-filled potholes oozing with fog. Sounds the barking dogs made told us they treed a raccoon and which direction we should go but could not tell us about all the nearly impenetrable brambles, thickets, stumps and fallen logs we needed to traverse to reach them. Dogs can more easily...

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The squirrel materialized as nothing more than a slight bump high on one of the main limbs of a massive red oak tree. “I see him!” yelled 12-year-old Will King to everyone...

Just 15 hours after the Auburn Tigers finished their season at the Peach Bowl in Atlanta, Georgia’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Auburn freshman linebacker K.J. Britt was 125 miles away in an entirely...

Across the pine savannah, unseen dogs began howling as they jumped another cottontail. Despite wearing heavy brush pants, I could barely move through thick underbrush punctuated by briars as I tried...

Like many Alabama hunters with any age on them, Jeff Stockman drifted away from his roots when the opportunity to hunt white-tailed deer presented itself. “I grew up squirrel...

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