Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Latest Small Game Hunting Article
Beagle Basics For Better Rabbit Hunting
Across the pine savannah, unseen dogs began howling as they jumped another cottontail. Despite wearing heavy brush pants, I could barely move through thick underbrush punctuated by briars as I tried to reposition myself for a better shot.

“Look out. He’s running your way. Get ready,” one of the other hunters yelled.

Tensing up with anticipation and adrenaline, I listened to frantic howling moving closer and anticipated a quick shot. I picked a small clear patch between two thickets where I knew the rabbit would certainly pass and prepared to swing my Remington 20-gauge 870 into action.

Instead, I heard something about 40 yards behind me. I turned and looked just fast enough to catch a fleeting glimpse of a speedy brown object with a cottony tail vanishing into a brushy thicket at least 200 yards ahead of the nearest pursuing...

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Like many Alabama hunters with any age on them, Jeff Stockman drifted away from his roots when the opportunity to hunt white-tailed deer presented itself. “I grew up squirrel...

“Son, your dog has started to lie,” my dad told me. That accusation was as damaging to a squirrel dog’s reputation as a priest who posted everything he’d heard...

My daughter is 25 years old. We still laugh about her first hunting trip about 18 years ago. We went squirrel hunting, and she shot a squirrel. She proudly carried that squirrel around all afternoon...

Squirrel hunting is a life-long passion for Lawrence County hunter Sonny Conwill. More specifically, dogs and squirrel hunting go hand-in-hand for Sonny, who hunts and trains squirrel...

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