Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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Latest Quail Hunting Article
Return Of Alabama’s Bobwhites
A liver and white pointer with his tail erect and his nose pointing straight out in front of him appears to be attached to the ground like a marble statue in a park. As we approach, there’s a rustle of wings, and speckled birds leap, fly and scatter for cover in all directions. This dream of quail hunting may be from yesteryear, or it may be a vision of the future that Alabama quail hunters hope will come true. Today, Alabama and other southern states are implementing programs and projects to restore habitat for quail and quail hunters in the South.


Alabama’s Quail Initiative

Mark Sasser, the quail project coordinator for ADCNR, has been involved with quail management and quail habitat restoration for about 20 years.

“One of the most recent projects that the Alabama DCNR and the U.S. Forest Service has...

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