Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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Latest Hog Hunting Article
The Alabama Hog War
To varying degrees, wild hogs create problems for Alabama landowners.

The population continues to expand with hogs now found in all 67 counties in the state. The ever-increasing numbers create issues simply based on the animal’s destructive nature. In short, the invasives, remnants of domesticated animals turned feral, prove to be a pestilence by destroying crops and even rooting up lush grass on lawns in isolated situations.

“If you have hogs, you have a problem that won’t go away without some help,” said Barry Estes, of Alabama Hog Control.

Since founding Alabama Hog Control in 2013 along with his brother, Barry has helped his clients, mainly farmers and hunting clubs, minimize the damage of the expanding pig population by reducing numbers on properties across the south-central portion of Alabama. He now has clients...

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For many years, Alabama hunters have traveled from all over the state to hunt the wild hogs of the Mobile Delta. Legend has it these hogs were direct descendants of pigs that traveled by ship from...

A two-year, multi-state investigation by Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries into the illegal transport, release and live possession of feral pigs has resulted in the arrests of 13 Alabama men. In...

Feral hogs are a deterrent to good deer hunting. These destructive critters root up green fields, eat young fawns, destroy croplands, and they eat acorns and other mast crops that deer need.
Anyone caught transporting or releasing live feral hogs will now face a minimum $2,500 fine under a new Alabama law. The $2,500 fine represents a five-fold increase over the previous...

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