Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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Latest Crappie Fishing Article
Slaying Postspawn Slab Crappie
Gone are the days when crappie fishermen stowed their gear after the fish left shallow water in the spring.

More and more anglers each year learn techniques that extend the crappie catching window into the postspawn and even beyond. Yet at least a few fair-weather fishermen who only target crappie for a short period in the spring remain, and they are missing out.

Some of the best and perhaps most consistent action of the season occurs immediately after the fish leave shallow spawning areas and begin their migration toward their summer homes. In many areas around the Southeast, that transition occurs in May.

I’ve spent time with many crappie experts from both Alabama and Georgia over the past few years. Most would suggest that the fish are more predictable in the stable water and weather conditions of late spring than they are earlier in...

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