Monday, June 18, 2018
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Latest Saltwater Fishing Article
Gulf Coast Black Drum
Old concrete pilings placed to prevent erosion where a deep canal rounded a point and flowed into a brackish lake created convenient stair-step structures where a boatless angler could sit and fish. Breaking a crab in half, I tossed one portion into the deepest part of the canal, placed the rod behind the wall of pilings and waited on this steamy summer night.

Before long, the Penn 209 reel began clicking. Moments later, it started singing as 50-lb.-test braided line sizzled from it. Setting the hook, I battled a monster fish, finally landing a black drum topping 40 pounds after a spirited fight. Minutes after subduing that beast, another drum about the same size took the other half of the crab. When large, ravenous fish move through an area, action can come fast.

Often ignored or even held in contempt by many Alabama anglers, these heavyweight sluggers can...

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Alabama’s recreational red snapper fishermen will head to the Gulf of Mexico on June 1 for what is touted to be the start of a 47-day season, but fishermen should be warned that the 47 days...

Approximately 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is made up of water. About 96.5 percent of that water is contained in the world’s oceans. And there is about a 100 percent chance that my...

The inshore fishing in the vast expanses of Mobile Bay can be excellent, especially if an angler knows what types of areas to target and when to go. “November is one of the two...

It is really difficult not to appreciate the beauty, power and veracity of a redfish hooked and pulling line off of your  reel. At least that is what I had been told by numerous anglers. For me,...

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