Sunday, September 23, 2018
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Distributors Wanted
Alabama Outdoor News (AON) is interviewing for part-time route positions to distribute AON to sales locations around the state. AON is published monthly and is usually distributed the third week of each month.

You will need a place out of the weather for UPS to deliver AON magazines to you. Magazines can’t sit outside. Magazines will be delivered to you with a list of route tickets. Each stop, or sales location, will have one route ticket assigned to it. You’ll be asked to fill out information on each route ticket that pertains to each stop. Route Tickets are printed in order but can be easily changed as stops are added or deleted.

You’ll be paid $.50 per copy sold and paid two weeks after the route tickets are returned to AON. You’ll receive a $10 bonus payment for each new stop that you create. Payment will be made six months after the stop has been set up and is functioning as a worthwhile stop.

When delivering magazines to a stop, you’ll need to do the following:
1. Locate the AON rack.

2. Count the number of AON magazines remaining from the previous month’s route, and record it on the route ticket on the “Copies Remaining” line.

3. Subtract this number from the number printed in the “Copies Delivered Last Month” line, and record it in the “Copies Sold” line.

4. Count both the number of new magazines to be installed and number of old magazines being removed from he store in front of a store representative. The representative’s signature on the ticket confirms the count and is required.

5. Place the new copies in the rack based on the number printed in the “New Copies Delivered” line on the route ticket. Leave the store with the old copies. Although we ask that you discard magazines not sold, DO NOT discard previous month’s magazines at any sales stop. Please make every effort to recycle.

6. Anything you think AON should know about a particular sales stop can be recorded in the “Note” portion of the route ticket. For example, keep a notice of magazine-rack placement. Generally, magazines closer to the cash register sell better.

7. You may collect payment from stops if the store representative wishes to do so. However, it’s not mandatory to collect money from any stop.

8. If the store representative wishes to pay you, collect $2.10 per copy sold. Checks must be made payable to AON. Record money collected in the “Total Sales” line on the route ticket.

9. Leave the top copy of the four-part route ticket with the stop. Keep the bottom copy for your records.

10. When you’re through with the route, place tickets and check payments in the postage-paid envelope provided by AON and drop it in the mail. If you receive cash for payment, you’ll need to write AON a check for that amount. Do not mail cash.

Routes may be small, or large, as you want. However, we require all routes be completed in one day.

If you’re interested in a part-time route position, we’ll need the following:

Name, age, address, phone number, SS#, driver’s-license #, a copy of your automobile insurance card, a list of any moving violations or driver’s-license issues you have experienced since 2003. Additionally, we need to know make, model and year of the vehicle you would use to run a route. Please mail this information to me.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Steve Burch
Publisher, Alabama Outdoor News
4331 Seven Islands Rd.
Madison, GA 30650
(800) 438-4663
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