Monday, June 18, 2018
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Cougars : On The Move

Eat A Bass? : When Releasing Every Bass

Pickwick Bass

Lay Lake Bass : 10 June Locations

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Alabama Outdoor News - June 2018
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Big cats have been verified in Tennessee, likely western cougars roaming far to the east from home ranges.

Photo by Peter Eades
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Alabama River Flatheads
Joey Pounders is fairly new to this stretch of the Alabama River but says it has the right ingredients to grow grown ’uns.
June Bass On Lay Lake
Big spots and largemouth can be caught in the grass early, and then the bass move to the ledges for an all-day bite.
Is It Ever OK To Eat A Bass?
Gulf Coast Black Drum
Heavyweight black drum provide the catch of a lifetime, while smaller puppy drum provide great eating.
Pickwick Bass Move To Ledges In June
Lack of grass means better fishing out deep this summer.
Cougars On The Move
Will big cats ever re-establish in Southern states?
Weiss Bass Get Back To Eating
With the spawn over, largemouth and the Coosa River spotted bass start doing what they do best — EAT.
Bama’s Redeye Bass
This is a unique fishing opportunity that most have never done.
Wild in the Kitchen: Better-Than-Fried Red Snapper
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